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  • DPP_0012

    Cipollotti in agrodolce

    Prematurely harvested sweet and sour onions to preserve their nutritional properties and flavours. Ingredients: Borrettana onions, white wine, white vinegar, sugar. Use: As a au naturel snack or together with good wine and appetizers.
  • DPP_0014

    La bietola d’egitto

    Au naturel Red Turnip spiced with white peppercorns. Ingredients: Water, white pepper, lemon, Egypt chard. Uses: For au naturel side dish, for your dinners at home or for a vegetarian aperitif.
  • DPP_0020

    Gli indolciti

    Sweet and sour taste pickles, based on an antique Florentine recipe. Mixed vegetables will change according to season. Ingredients: mixed vegetables, white wine vinegar, white wine, sugar. Uses: Together with a cheese and cold cuts appetiser.