Local farm Il Cavolo a Merenda..

A small farm, about 1/2 hectare. 5 minutes far from the city center of Colle di Val d’Elsa a small medieval town, in Siena’s nearby.
Here we cutlivate all sort of vegetables, from the traditional to the most particular ones.
Everything in armony with nature and healt!
A place where you can feel at home.
Here you can have lunches, dinners or snacks with the advice of our farmer-chef Simone. 
With our health and fresh products we also make fabolous compotes, syrup, pickles and more. 
The products we propose change according to seasonality.
The goal of our farm is to allow everyone to enjoy genuine products at Km 0 with the flavors of the past.


We reached the base of a noble stronghold,
by seven lofty walls engirt, all around
defended by a rill, fair to behold.

We crossed this book as if it were hard ground
we entered seven gates, I and the wise,
until a fresh and verdant field we found.

La Divina Commedia, Dante – Inferno – Canto IV



Last products

  • CYMERA_20170226_175937 1
    CYMERA_20170226_175937 1

    Composta di pera e zenzero

    Realizzata con pere Wiliams di nostra produzione, questa composta contiene solo il 20% di zucchero e una minima parte di zenzero. Questo da una nota di freschezza e piccantezza. Utilizzi:Ottimo energizzante per una colazione, ma da provare anche su formaggi a media stagionatura. La freschezza dello zenzero e il gusto dolce acidulo della pera esalta i sapori del formaggio. INGREDIENTI: Pere William, zenzero, zucchero 20%.
  • DPP_0023

    Dehydrated Chamomile

    Chamomile flowers dehydrated for 12 hours by electric dryer. Ideal for a relaxing herbal tea before bed.

  • DPP_0042


    Prematurely harvested Italian garlic. Made this way, it won't  release its  intense classic flavour. 

    Ingredients: garlic, white wine, white vinegar, sugar. 

    Use: Together with salami and cheese or to spice up your salads.

  • DPP_0038

    Dehydrated strawberries and rosebuds

    White, wild and usual strawberries dried for 18 hours by an electric dryer. Ideal for refreshing infusions.

  • DPP_0024

    Dehydrated lemon balm

    Dehydrated lemon balm: Dehydrated for 12 hours by electric dryer. It helps digestion after meals and has relaxing properties.

  • DPP_0020

    Gli indolciti

    Sweet and sour taste pickles, based on an antique Florentine recipe. Mixed vegetables will change according to season. Ingredients: mixed vegetables, white wine vinegar, white wine, sugar. Uses: Together with a cheese and cold cuts appetiser.
  • DPP_0018

    Cherries in syrup

    "Duroni” cherries in roses syrup sweetened with Stevia (vegetable sugar, with no calories). Use: For a chocolate fondue or a Manatthan cocktails.
  • DPP_0016

    Strawberries jam

    Strawberries with only 25% of sugar, to keep their pristine natural flavour and emphasise the sugar content of our fresh product. Use: Together with cheese or for your breakfast with rusk and butter.